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1. Where can I see my tax card? 
Answer: Assessing Database The database can search by Address, Owner Name and Map and lot number (MBLU) 


2. What are my setbacks? Can I build my house on this lot? What are the zoning requirements? 
Answer: First, check which Zone the lot is in, view both Zoning & Shoreland Zoning. Then, check the Dimensional Requirements on page 39 of the Berwick Land Use Ordinance

3. Am I in a Flood Zone/Does the property need Flood Insurance? 
Answer: Come into the Town Hall is look at our FEMA Flood Maps. Or Enter your address using the FEMA Flood Map Service and click "View/Print Firm" or "Download Firm/Panel." is another similar resource. 

4. Are there special requirements for footings on a deck? 
Answer: If it is free-standing, then no. If it is connected to a house, sonotube under the frost line. 

5. Do I need a permit to replace my roof/kitchen/basement 
Answer: Yes, pretty much any renovation will require a permit so we can keep our assessing information up to date. The cost of the permit is $11 per $1,000 of construction cost. Here is the link to the building permit form.

Road Questions 

6. What are the driveway standards? 
Answer:  For the second house on a road: 15' wide, 15" deep of gravel 

7. When do I need to build a road to Town Standard? 
Answer: After the second house is built/before a third house is built.

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