Obtain a Permit

Building Permits
A good first step is to contact the Berwick Code Enforcement Officer to determine if work will require a building permit or higher level of review.

Some minor work like fence construction is exempt from permitting requirements.  When in doubt always call.  We are here to help.

Conditional Use Permits
Some projects require a higher level of review and the Code Enforcement Officer or the Town Planner can make that determination for you.  The Berwick Planning Board will review most new businesses in Town as well as changes of use within a permitted structure.  All child care facilities are licensed through the Town's Planning & Zoning Department.

Events Permits
Large scale events such as road races, special sports events, anything that will draw at least 150 participants require a Town Event Permit.  Please contact the Town Clerk with any questions.

Burn Permits
Contact the Berwick Fire Department with questions.