Tax Club

The Tax Club is available to ALL taxpayers. 

This program was set up to allow taxpayers to pay on your taxes monthly, making it easier.  In order to be eligible to set up a payment plan, no prior years taxes can be due, you need to be current.  Once you contact the Town Clerks office, you will be sent a payment booklet that you can use to make your payments.  Payments start in July and run through June.  If payments are made on time, you are not charged interest.

How Payments Are Determined
We take the prior year’s taxes and divide by 12 months.  That amount would be your monthly payment.  When the new tax bill comes out (usually in the Fall) you can adjust your monthly payment accordingly, or you can adjust your final payment in June.

When Payments Are Due
Payments are due on the 15th of each month.  You can either bring in your payment book or send the coupon in the mail to arrive by that date.  If you are not current in your payments, in April you will be charged interest.  If you are interested in joining the Tax Club, please contact the Finance Department by calling (207) 698-1101 ext. 123.

Please Note. . . if you do not join the Tax Club, you can make payments on your taxes at any time in any amount.  However, if you owe a balance when the taxes are due, you will be charged interest.