Marriage License

A Maine marriage license is required for a marriage to be solemnized in Maine.

  • If both the bride and groom reside in separate municipalities within Maine, the license must be obtained at one of the towns of residence. 
  • If one is a Maine resident and one is not, the license will be obtained at the Maine town of residence. 
  • If both the Bride and Groom are non-residents of Maine, the license may be obtained at any Municipal Office.

Marriages may take place in any town in Maine, regardless of where the Maine license is granted.

There are NO blood tests required.  If either the Bride or Groom are under 18, a parent or guardian signature is required.

Marriages may be performed by a Notary Public, Ministers, Priests and Rabbis, as well as members of the Maine Bar. There must be two witnesses.  The witnesses need not have special qualifications, but they must be old enough to understand what they are witnessing.

How Do You File "Intention of Marriage"

  • Complete the "Intention of Marriage" worksheet,
  • Submit the forms to the appropriate Town Clerk.  If there was a previous marriage, you MUST provide the Clerk with certified proof of how that marriage ended (i.e., Certified Divorce Papers or Certified Death Certificate)  These documents are required to be Certified.  You must also provide the Clerk with picture identification, as well as a $40, fee. 
  • The Marriage License is generated with the information provided on the "Intention of Marriage" worksheet.  Once the Marriage License is prepared, it should be checked carefully for accuracy and needs to be signed by both the Bride and Groom and notarized.
  • The license will be issued the same day the "Intention of Marriage" worksheet is received, as long as the required information has been supplied and the Bride and Groom are present to sign the Marriage License. 

The Marriage License is good for 90 days from the date the "Intention of Marriage" worksheet is submitted.

Within a week of the ceremony, the person performing the ceremony returns the license to the Clerk that issued it.  After this filing, you may obtain a "Certified Marriage Certificate" for a fee of $15. This certificate will be needed to change your social security status, name on driver's license, etc.