Transfer Station Stickers

To make it easy for you, our Town issues stickers to residents that clearly identify you to the attendant.  Bring your Maine vehicle registration showing your Berwick address, to the Town Office and they will give you a "Transfer Station Sticker".  (This means your car MUST be registered in Berwick and must list your Berwick address on the registration to receive a transfer station sticker.)  Single day and multi-day passes are available for special circumstances and are also available at the Town Hall.  These Permits must be displayed for you to use the Transfer Station.

New for Active Duty Military members beginning Jan 21, 2009:  If you live in the town of Berwick yet your vehicle is registered elsewhere you can receive a transfer station sticker at the Berwick Town Hall by presenting the following:

  • Your current vehicle registration
  • A valid military I.D. card
  • Proof of Berwick residency (utility bill with your physical Berwick address, rental agreement, etc.)