Fire and Rescue

Dennis Plante | Fire ChiefPic_Web
3 Public Safety Way 
Berwick, ME 03901
Ph: (207) 698-1174
Fax: (207) 698-4592
EMERGENCY: Dial 9-1-1

The Berwick Fire & Rescue Department is responsible for providing both emergency and non-emergency services to the Town of Berwick, and surrounding communities as requested. We provide fire suppression, non-transport emergency medical services, vehicle extrication, fire prevention/education, the provision of burning permits, and a number of other services to the community. We are a combination department; comprised of career, per diem and call personnel.

There is one career Firefighter/EMT on-duty 24/7, partnered with a per diem Firefighter/EMT Monday - Friday, 0800 - 1800. These personnel are supplemented by call personnel , who respond from home when available. We operate out of one station; with a fleet consisting of two engines, one quint, one tanker, one medium-duty rescue, one forestry unit, one boat and one command vehicle. Our call volume continues to increase each year, with the following annual incident totals: | 2017: 919  | 2016: 720  | 2015: 705 2014: 567 |

Call Opportunities
A call firefighter is a modern day volunteer, and is a highly trained individual who is only compensated for their time when responding to calls or attending training. We are always looking for candidates interested in becoming call firefighters. Although previous experience is desirable, it is not required.

We typically open a recruitment window in May of each year, when applicants are screened for positions. If you are interested in becoming a call firefighter, we welcome you to apply. If you have any questions or would like more information, please stop by the fire station or call (207) 698-1174 any time.


Chief – Dennis Plante
Asst. Chief – Bruce Plante
Captain Steve Plante – FF/EMT
Captain Marc Plante – FF/EMT
Captain Travis Doiron – FF/EMT
Captain Kyle Lavoie – FF/EMT
Captain Brandon Lyon – FF/EMT
EMS Coordinator – Joe Stefano – FF/Paramedic
Firefighter/EMT Steve Bishop
Firefighter Bob Couture
Firefighter/EMT Lyle Deane
Firefighter/EMT Alex Delorge
Firefighter Jeff Doyle
Firefighter Jamie Fallon
Firefighter/EMT Bill Farrell
Firefighter/EMT Roger Green
Firefighter/AEMT Cody Guile
Firefighter/AEMT Steve Johnson
Firefighter Andy Leary
Firefighter Dylan Leary
Firefighter/EMT Mitch Manfredi
Firefighter/EMT Eric Marcotte
Firefighter/EMT Alex Morin
Firefighter Robert Nettles
Firefighter Joe Perron
Firefighter/EMT Eric Pike
Firefighter Josiah Stewart
Firefighter Steve Thomas=
Firefighter/EMT Randy Townsend
Firefighter Anthony Trussell
Firefighter/EMT Sarah Turner
Firefighter Brandon Viola
Jr. Firefighter Zach Plante
Jr Firefighter Alex Plante

Truck 1: 1997 HME/Smeal (1250gpm/500gal), 75-foot quint
Engine 2: 2017 Spartan/Toyne (1500gpm/1200gal)
Engine 3: 2017 Spartan/Toyne (1500gpm/1200gal)
Tank 4: 2009 International/Toyne (750gpm/3000gal)
Squad 5: 1997 Freightliner, Medium-duty Rescue
Forestry 6: 2013 Ford F-550/Blanchat (225gpm/300gal)