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Bartlett Downtown Lighting Plans 

Bartlett Lighting Plan 3-10-17
Bartlett Lighting Report 3-10-17
Alternate Light Fixture (more affordable)

Brownfield Repository

Branding Presentation
Proposed Signage 

Concepts, Renderings & Plans 
Great Falls Park Master Plan 
Lassel Concept Plan 3.17.17
Possible renderings & view map - Tom House - October 2017

Possible renderings with elevations - Tom House - October 2017 
Prime Tanning Master Plan April 2017
W&S Gamble 
EPA Brownfield Prime Project
December 2015 Subdivision Plan Map

Downtown Berwick Related Reports & Studies 
Camoin Real Estate Market Data Report
Camoin Market Analysis for Prime Tanning Site
Downtown Traffic and Parking Study
Envisioning Downtown Berwick's Vision Report
Reference Document to the Berwick Downtown Vision Plan
APPENDIX A Charrettes, Comparisons and Inspiring Images
Tax Increment Financing Development Program
Workforce Housing Charette Report 
Downtown Vision Committee Survey Summary
Sidewalk Plan 

Downtown Vehicle Bicycle & Pedestrian Study 
Milone & MacBroom bid proposal
Kick-Off Meeting Minutes 
Presentation 1
First set of concepts 
Concept 1A
Bird's Eye Sketch of Concept 1A 
Concept 1A Town Square 
Future AM Traffic Simulation based on Concept 1A
Future PM Traffic Simulation based on Concept 1A 
Concept Alternatives of Sullivan/Rochester Parking Lot -
Concept Shows 1A, and then 1B showing the entire area as green space and 1C with the parking lot open to Sullivan only. 
April 25, 2019 Community Forum Presentation 
Draft Report without appendices 
Draft Berwick Vehicle and Pedestrian Study 2019 Report w/ appendices 

MS4 Outfall/Great Falls Park 
Plan Set
FocalPoint BMP
Modular Wetland BMP
LA Concepts 
Park Committee Abutters Concept Meeting Agenda 6.26.19

Recreation Master Plan
Memorial Field Existing Conditions - June of 2021 
Memorial Field Supporting Infrastructrue 
Memorial Field Concept Study