US Military Serving - From Berwick

We would like to acknowledge those Active Duty Servicemen that live in Berwick.

If you have an Active Duty Serviceman in your family and you would like them to be listed on this site, please E-Mail, Call or Send to the Town Office:

  1. Name and Rank of the Soldier
  2. Branch of Military Service
  3. Where the Soldier is serving
  4. Where the Soldier is Stationed

Any other information, like address in Berwick, parents, wife, husband, etc.

You can also send a picture of the soldier to be included.

Our mailing address is 11 Sullivan Street and our telephone number is 698-1101.

Note:  We also have a display case at the Town Office for any and  All Servicemen.  Feel Free to drop a picture off to be included in the case.