Berwick Open Farm Day

Berwick is participating in the 32nd Annual Maine Open Farm Day on Sunday, July 25, 2021 to put Berwick farms on the map, celebrate our agricultural heritage, begin encouraging agritourism, and invite our community to learn and get excited about what our farms do and why!

Download a printable Open Farm Day schedule

10am-11am Tare Shirt Farm, 245 Diamond Hill Road, Berwick, Maine 03901
Tare Shirt Farm is a nationally-known, mid-18th century working farm with an orchard, period buildings, and early breeds of domestic livestock. Nancy and Peter Cook have had extensive careers in museum curating and teaching, and the entire farm is devoted to the fiber arts of handspinning, weaving and knitting. 10 to11 a.m.: Visit the farm; 10:45 to 11 a.m.: Tour ends with a live spinning demonstration.

11am-1pm Orange Circle Farm, 184 Blackberry Hill Road, Berwick, Maine 03901
Orange Circle is a CSA vegetable and flower farm. All vegetables, flowers, and seedlings produced on Orange Circle Farm are certified organic by MOFGA and are grown without using any types of herbicides, fungicides or pesticides, even OMRI listed products. Orange Circle focuses on pest and disease prevention through holistic practices that include careful attention to soil health, cover crops, composting, crop rotations, row covers, mindful irrigation, and crop diversity. The barn (which includes the walk-in cooler and irrigation well) is powered by an offgrid solar array. Explore the farm at your own pace through a self-guided tour. Information sheets around the farm will highlight different aspects of the vegetable and flower garden, greenhouses, honey bee hives (maintained by Black Cat Bee Co.), and a solar-powered barn.11 a.m. to 1 p.m.: "Meet the Bees" at Orange Circle Farm with beekeeper Ellen of Black Cat Bee Co. Some honey may be available for sale.

1pm-2pm The Dear Old Farm, 310 Blackberry Hill Road, Berwick, Maine 03901
The Dear Old Farm is a family homestead focused on growing food for the family and raising a small herd of Nigerian dwarf dairy goats. You may even spot one of their peacocks perched in its enclosure. The Dear Old Farm began as the Joseph Fogg Jr Homestead in the 1830’s and by the 1880s became the Perkins Farm. The Kasten Family settled in the home in 2016, and have been working to restore it back to its former glory, including the main home and the 3 connected outbuildings and barns. Their goal is to create a theater-in-a-working-barn gathering space for live variety arts performances to delight folks from Berwick and beyond. 1 to 2 p.m.: have your photo taken with one (or several) baby goats in the goat kid-corral.

2pm-3pm Hackmatack Farm, 538 School Street, Berwick, Maine 03901
Hackmatack Farm raises all-natural, 100% grass fed American Bison (or Buffalo) and heritage breed Mangalitsa pigs. The animals live stress-free lives with access to grazing on green grass and digging up grub and roots in forested pasture. They value authentic, honest whole foods and have a variety of local, naturally-raised products including lamb, duck, chicken, venison, and organic eggs. All of their products are hormone free and antibiotic free. 

3pm-4pm Tibbetts Farm, 18 Brackett Lane, Berwick, Maine 03901
Tibbetts Farm started in 1942 by Reba and Byron Tibbetts as a dairy farm. In 2006 the farm’s 275 acres were put into a conservation easement by the Land for Maine’s Future. The farm now focuses on USDA approved meats and a vegetable stand. On Open Farm Day they will be featuring mini horses, bunnies, a few surprises, and will have items for sale including crafts, eggs, and seasonal vegetables. 

Public restrooms are located at the Berwick Cumberland Farms, the South or North Berwick Dunkin’, and at North Berwick Hannaford. We kindly request that pets be left home.

Stay tuned here and at the Envision Berwick Facebook and Instagram pages for updates. 

If you have any questions, are interested in helping organize the event, or would like to be in touch with our group of Berwick farmers working to support each other, please contact Jeremy Kasten at